My name is Michael Sullivan, and I create as a means to connect with the world around me. My mentality in life, as well as my perspective on art, all stem from one word, “understanding.” Understanding the problem, the solution, the characteristics, the subtlety, and oneself is irreplaceable. Having a mind free of the idea of restrictions and the humility in which to hear contrary ideas, this leads to true understanding. This is the ethos I live by when designing. To understand, critique, and develop though multiple different situations and experiences. To develop something as multi-layered as the people from whom they were created.


Nom Nom’s Lover; 50% C:75 M:68 Y:67 K:90 and 50% C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0; Movie Aficionado; Obsessive over music; BBoy’d (Breakdanced) for thousands; Apart of a world wide group of misfits; Pro Tow-Truck surfer